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    Our Story

    B.Lin Catering was formed as the result of the realization that life is too short to not pursue your passions. Simply put, our passion is people. We know what you’re probably thinking. “What? Aren’t they a catering company? Why isn’t their passion food??” Well, it’s that too. First and foremost, we’re about making people happy, and we’ve come to realize that the best way we can do that is through food. We’re real people who use real ingredients to cater real happiness.

    Our passion for people includes not only our clients, but also our employees. We believe that as small business owners, we’re given the opportunity to empower people through employment. At B.Lin Catering we believe in giving second chances. We strive to equip our employees with new skills to further their career development. We’re a small team of diverse individuals committed to catering happiness through delicious food and excellent service.